Discover Sacred Shapes' Unique Collection of Spiritual Art Prints

40 Exclusive Designs

Elevate your space with Sacred Shapes' tantric art collection of distinctive fabric prints. Create a captivating atmosphere that enhances your spiritual well-being.

Verified by Accomplished Masters

We are focused on delivering unaltered, authentic, verified sacred geometry prints which are rooted in the ancient Tantric tradition.

European Quality Standards

All our products are made in Estonia. We adhere to European quality guidelines in order to deliver products that inspire and last you a lifetime.

Why Spiritual Art?

Sacred Shapes' geometry strengthens your home, your body and your soul. Using only the best and safest materials to produce our modern, high-quality fabric prints, we base our products on the teachings of true, authentic Tantra. Its philosophy and spiritual power has been a well-documented tradition for thousands of years.

Meet the Founder
"Hi! I am so happy to finally be inviting you to be part of my passion for sacred geometry.

I have studied and practiced this powerful tantric field under the guidance of my teacher for over 12 years and it has brought so many precious gifts into my daily life. Gifts of harmony, health, happiness, incredible sexuality, and powers of the mind.

I wish for you to have the same gifts in your life.
Enjoy the Sacred Shapes!"

Liisa Maimon
Tantra Teacher and Yogini

Healing Energy

Sacred Shapes' geometry supports your emotional and physical health.

Made With Love and Passion

We are a small business with the mission to carry on the ancient teachings of true Tantra.

Get a Piece of History

Our spiritual artworks preserve the knowledge of ancient civilizations. This is authentic tantric art presented in a modern and stunning design.