We are Sacred Shapes

Sacred Shapes helps you unlock the ancient secrets of sacred geometry – a unique technique that has been used in many esoteric and spiritual traditions for thousands of years. Tantric yogis use the so-called Yantras – a name given to sacred geometrical symbols – to bring about various beneficial effects for their physical health, emotional balance, mental development, and spiritual enlightenment.

Our mission is to bring those beneficial effects into your home, office, or studio through beautiful spiritual artworks. Every color, every shape, and every line of our prints has a meaning that roots deeply in the far-eastern tradition of authentic Tantra. Therefore it’s not only art we provide you with, but a physical representation of a concept of sacred geometry and an active power that changes the space you live in forever.

The presence of sacred geometry will determine the subtle energetic vibe and resonance in your space. Spiritual symbols make a big difference to how you feel and operate in that space, and how successful your outcomes will be. 

This is also the first shop worldwide that makes tantric geometry available to everybody. Sacred Shapes creates a cocoon of magical energy and enwraps you in that bubble of positive and beneficial atmosphere.

Meet Liisa, the founder of Sacred Shapes

Hi there!

I’m Liisa, a spiritual teacher, yogini, and founder of Sacred Shapes.

I started my spiritual development journey in 2009 – little did I know at that time that the path of authentic Tantra would change my destiny and awaken my fiery spiritual yearning.

Back then, I abandoned my desire to move up the corporate ladder. Instead, I happily dedicated my life to spiritual studies and practice resolutely and uncompromisingly for the next several years.

All of these studies and experiences have led me to where I am today: Starting Sacred Shapes to bring the magic of tantric geometry into your home.

I’m overjoyed to share my true passion for sacred geometry here.

My mission with Sacred Shapes is simple: To support every one of you in constructing the space you deserve. Let’s connect!